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The Latest in Hearing Technology

Make sure that you get the ideal hearing instrument for your requirements. Visit Hi-Definition Hearing today for first-rate hearing aids, hearing protection equipment, and assistive devices. Our 2 clinics are conveniently located in Windsor and Tecumseh, ON.

Hearing Aids

Many different styles of hearing instruments are available on the market. Drop by one of our clinics, and let us help you find a hearing aid that meets your specific hearing and cosmetic needs. Our hearing aids are modern, discreet, and Bluetooth compatible.

Invisible-In-Canal (IIC)

Starkey’s newest hearing aids are 100% invisible when worn. The custom-fit instrument sits in the second bend of the ear and comes equipped with Starkey’s industry-leading hearing technology.

Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

CIC hearing aids fit completely in the ear canal. Unlike bulky hearing instruments, CIC hearing aids are virtually invisible.

In-The-Canal (ITC)

ITC hearing instruments fit into the ear canal and are slightly larger than CIC hearing aids. With ITC hearing aids, you get the option of having volume controls on the faceplate.

In-The-Ear (ITE)

These instruments are custom-made to fit within your ear. Although ITE hearing aids are more visible than other hearing instruments, they offer a larger battery size for extended use, as well as a larger volume wheel for ease of operation.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids are the most reliable and powerful of all hearing instruments. The equipment rests behind the ear, and a plastic tube directs amplified sound into an ear mould inside the ear canal. For improved cosmetics, BTE hearing aids are available in mini and micro sizes.

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

This small and featherlight hearing instrument rests behind the ear. The ergonomic design, combined with the extremely thin tubing, results in a uniquely satisfying cosmetic solution. The receiver, or speaker, resides within the ear canal to deliver superior sound clarity.

Hearing Protection

We offer a variety of custom-fit hearing protection equipment. These products help protect your ear from hearing damage.

In-Ear Monitors (For Musicians)

These devices are used by musicians, audio engineers, and audiophiles to listen to music. In-ear monitors are ideal for listening to music. They can also be used to listen to a personal mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performances or recording and studio mixing.

Hunting/Shooting Ear plugs

In-ear hunting hearing aids, which are available in behind-the-ear or in-the-canal models, amplify sound so that you can hear better. However, these devices automatically limit the volume to a safe level when a dangerously loud sound occurs.

Sleeping Ear plugs

Noise-reducing earplugs can help you sleep soundly at night. These earplugs block out snores and other loud noises, which can affect your sleep pattern.

Swimming Ear plugs

These earplugs keep water out of the ear canal while you swim or participate in other water sports. Swimming ear plugs are made of moldable silicone or wax, which is custom-fitted to your ear canal.

Industrial Ear plugs

In many industrial settings, hearing protection is important to make sure that employees have a safe work environment. At Hi-Definition Hearing, we offer protective equipment and hearing protection devices that fit a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking for earplugs or industrial earmuffs, we have you covered.

Assistive Devices

With the development of digital and wireless technologies, more and more devices are becoming available to help people with hearing problems. Visit one of our locations today to browse our selection of listening devices.

Amplified Phones

This device uses advanced technology to make every word clear. In addition, amplified phones eliminate virtually all kinds of distortion, unwanted static noise, and echo effects. The phone settings allow you to selectively enhance the tone of difficult-to-hear words, making conversations easier for you to understand.

FM Systems

FM technology refers to a wireless system that is designed to help people better understand speech in noisy environments. Commonly, FM systems work together with a user’s hearing aids. However, FM systems are also available for people with otherwise normal hearing.

Personal Amplifying Systems

We sell the Pocket Talker, which is a personal amplifying system. The device amplifies sounds that are closest to you while reducing background noise.

The Pocket Talker features an ergonomic, lightweight design for ease of use and portability. It also has fingertip-adjustable volume controls so that you can quickly change the settings to your listening environment.

Alerting Devices

Alerting devices are special fire alarms and alarm clocks that have exceptionally loud, volume-controlled rings. Additionally, some of these devices have frequency controls, allowing you to choose a frequency you can hear well.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Available Sizes: 10, 312, 13, and 675
When you purchase our batteries, you can enjoy the best sound for your hearing aids and forget about frequent battery changes. Our batteries have a patented cathode technology, so they have a long service life with a guaranteed high cell voltage. Each individual cell is tested for its mechanical and electrical characteristics in accordance with its specifications.

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