About Our Clinic

Your Hearing Health Is Our Priority

Hi-Definition Hearing is your partner in auditory health. Our mission is to help you prevail over hearing-related problems and improve the quality of your daily life.

We recognize that hearing loss may occur at any age, so we provide our products and services to individuals 18 years and older and elderly people. Visit our clinic in Windsor or Tecumseh, ON to get a better idea of what we do.

The Hi-Definition Hearing Difference

Family-Owned Clinic

What sets us apart from the competition is that we are a small, family-owned hearing clinic. When you turn to us, our staff will treat you like family and take the time to build a relationship with you. Additionally, our team will pay attention to all of your auditory needs to ensure that you leave our office satisfied.

Excellent Patient Education

Individuals tend to think that hearing aids are a sign of old age, so nobody wants to be seen with them on. At Hi-Definition Hearing, we make sure that our clients are educated on how hearing and hearing instruments work. By doing so, we help our patients feel more comfortable about wearing hearing aids, as well as have realistic expectations on our hearing solutions.

More Reasons to Choose Us:
  • Precise recommendations
  • 2-week “try before you buy” trial period
  • No medical referral necessary
  • Long trial period (30–60 days)
  • Most insurance plans accepted (including WSIB, DVA, and ODSP)
  • 3-year unlimited in-office service plan

A Message From Our Owner

Louis Kanavos

Hearing Instrument Specialist
Registered Member – The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario (AHIP)
“My experience as a Hearing Instrument Specialist has been so rewarding. It has given me a sense of compassion, which allows me to give the gift of hearing every single day I step into my office. I’ve always believed that when a client sits in my office and needs an adjustment to their hearing aids, I am the most important person in the world when it comes to their hearing.

My fine-tuning skills have to be precise and exact, and patience is a must. The Hearing Instrument Specialist or Audiologist must never show frustration toward a client and always remain calm. Just imagine what the client must be feeling like. If the client is not happy with the way the hearing instrument sounds, then I am not doing my job as a Hearing Instrument Specialist.”

Louis’ Story

Early Years

Growing up, Louis was very ambitious and wanted to do something that would help people have a better quality of life. His mother was very young when she was diagnosed with otosclerosis, which required her to wear hearing aids at the age of 33.

For Louis’ mother, finding out about her condition was a very frustrating time in her life. It was also difficult for Louis and his family to learn how to communicate with their mother. Louis’ family also had to hide their mother’s condition so that she would not be embarrassed.

Post-University Life

In his early twenties, Louis finished a Bachelor’s of Science Degree at the University of Windsor and concentrated on biology and psychology. Upon graduating, Louis wasn’t necessarily sure about his professional direction in life.

Down the road in 2003 Louis attended Palmer Chiropractic College for 2 years. In April 2005, Louis’ mother asked him to come along with her to the hearing clinic. Little did Louis know that that day would change his life forever.

Finding an Interest in Audiology

While at the appointment, Louis watched what kind of work the clinic did, and saw how the staff treated his mother. Louis was so frustrated with the office’s environment and the way the staff was so cold to the clients who walked in. He realized how uncomfortable these appointments had always been for his mother.

As Louis sat in the office and observed how the audiologist operated, he realized that he could do the audiologist’s job, and do it better. He found his calling in life, and it was to give people the “gift of hearing.”

After the appointment, Louis told his mother that he was going to go back to school to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist. In this moment, a weight was lifted from his shoulders, and he knew that he had found a career that would allow him to fulfill his dreams of helping people.

Louis was determined to help frustrated individuals who were being treated poorly at hearing clinics. He focused on making the lives of these people more enjoyable by allowing them to hear the simple things in life that they had been missing.

Becoming a Reputable Hearing Instrument Specialist

Driven by his newfound purpose, Louis enrolled in George Brown College’s Hearing Instrument Specialist program. In April 2008, he graduated at the top of his class with honours. Before establishing Hi-Definition Hearing, Louis gained valuable work experience and earned an excellent reputation while practicing at Sears Hearing Clinic (Hear for Life) and WalMart Hearing Clinic (Hear at Last).

Currently, Louis is a practicing member in good standing with The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of Ontario (AHIP) and a registered authorizer with The Ministry of Health (ADP). In addition, he is one of the first Hearing Instrument Specialists worldwide to become certified with Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, a company solely dedicated to preserving the hearing of musicians.

For questions about our clinic, call us at 519-727-5200 (Tecumseh) or 519-250-8012 (Windsor).
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